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Our Kentucky Auctioneers are “in the know” about farm equipment sales.

One of the best assets in Kentucky, if not the greatest, is rich Kentucky land. We salute the farmers who often are the unrecognized stewards of Kentucky’s livelihood. Their hard work and dedication is appreciated.

We grew up on Kentucky farms. So, we’ve eaten Kentucky corn-on-the-cob, beans, ‘taters, ’maters, and the whole vegetable garden at our families’ kitchen tables for years. We’ve worked for farmers as teenage boys doing everything from milking cows to making compost, believe it or not. It’s part of our heritage, and we’re proud of it.

Let us do the work for you. Whether you are buying or selling, our team will walk you through the entire auction process to make sure we make informed recommendations and decisions for you so that you have a successful sale.

The top 3 things we recommend you do first to prepare for your farm equipment sale:

•    Contact a knowledgeable licensed Kentucky Auctioneer who regularly does farm auctions
•    Prepare any paperwork or documentation about the vehicle, machinery, or equipment
•    Meet with the Auctioneer to design a proposal to market and sell your property at auction

The rest of an auction is easy because we do the heavy lifting for you.  It’s our pleasure to be of service.  Contact our KY farm auction specialist auctioneers today and turn iron into gold.

For more information and the Keys to a Successful Farm and Farm Equipment Sale, contact your Kentucky Auctioneer.

Farm Equipment and Machinery for sale!